A Journey For Excellence Started In 1995

Dedication To Quality Made Star Preschools What It Is Today!

A Journey For Excellence Started In 1995

Dedication To Quality Made Star Preschools What It Is Today!

Star Promise

  • Continued commitment to provide exceptional early childhood education
  • Providing care that addresses all aspects of a child’s development
  • Knowledgeable leadership who understands that children learn at their own pace. Offering guidelines and suggestions which allow teachers to meet each child’s needs in the classroom on an individual basis.

Star Mission

Our Mission and Five STAR Commitment to YOU is to provide every child with a warm, loving, eco-friendly atmosphere that promotes exploration, language, critical thinking, questioning and discovery. Our professional, well trained staff encourages the learning process through hands-on experience and purposeful play, by offering a wide assortment of educational materials and toys in child centered areas. The school is devoted to the whole child by creating an engaging learning environment that supports their uniqueness and individuality. We are a family owned company not a franchise. All our state-of-the-art facilities are custom designed to best meet the needs of the children and areas we serve.

Star Philosophy

At STAR Preschools we offer a safe, healthy learning environment with the best possible care and teaching to each individual child. Through a balance of emotional, social, communicative, creative, physical and cognitive activities, we place an emphasis on the development of the WHOLE child. We believe that when children are given the opportunity, encouragement, nurturing and guidance, they will develop a sound foundation for a successful future.

Our Bright Vision

We are dedicated to helping children discover how to best value our shared environment and respect our natural resources.

About Star

Our Stellar Staff

STAR Preschools administrators, teachers and assistants are meticulously selected for their early childhood education, childcare experience, personality and dedication to conservation. Both personal and professional reference and backgrounds are carefully screened to ensure your child’s safety. Through a balance of physical, emotional, social, mental and cognitive growth, our staff places emphasis on the nurturing and development of the whole child. We believe our staff is our greatest asset and we hope that you will too! Our low teacher-to-child ratios allows more one-on-one time in dynamic, small group settings. Let our stellar staff prepare your child for a “Bright Future”!

Five Star Staff Training

We are committed to the ongoing teaching and development of our staff. From the start our staff embarks on a journey of basic training, professional development and early educational learning. Regardless of previous experience and education Our Five Star Staff Training is designed to provide our teachers with a solid foundation of early childhood practices and safety instruction including first aid/CPR.




Our caring, compassionate, and loving culture invites everyone who enters to be a part of our STAR FAMILY.


Our school is full of laughs, smiles, and cheer, which fosters enthusiasm for learning and growing together.


Our educated, experienced staff enhances our developmentally appropriate, intentional curriculum to foster each child individually in the areas of: language, cognitive, social-emotional, and physical skills.


Our constant commitment to learning, growth and development, ensures we are passionate about what we do and always striving to better meet the needs of the 21st century child.


Our promise of excellence by providing exceptional early childhood education, which exceeds the industry standards and expectations of our children, parents and community.


Our school is full of laughs, smiles, and cheer, which fosters enthusiasm for learning and growing together. Our guarantee to be dependable, consistent and trustworthy to the families we serve by creating lasting relationships that allow comfort in knowing we are here for each other, rain or shine.


Our number one priority is the health and safety of the children. Close attention to detail is given to ensure security, training, cleanliness, hygiene and supervision are implemented at the highest standard possible.

Our Accreditations and Certifications