4 - 5 years

Growing More Competent And Confident,

Our Super Stars are ready for Kindergarten!


4 - 5 years

Growing More Competent And Confident,

Our Super Stars are ready for Kindergarten!

Teachers Help Build Independent Learners

Our Super Star room is all about taking it to the next level. Our Super Stars love being independent learners. They feel good about the things they can do, show self-confidence, and are willing to try new adventures. Our STAR curriculum goals ensure that our pre-k students are ready to succeed and excel in Kindergarten.

A Trusted Curriculum Strengthens Skills For Success

Teachers use the Frogstreet© weekly themes to plan purposeful lessons that deepen our Super Star’s understanding of academic skills and concepts. Through exploration, investigation and play, children develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are needed to succeed in Kindergarten, school and life.

A Program Focused On Proficiency, Autonomy and Self Confidence

Our main objectives are to build a bright environment that not only stimulates but provides a sound basis for accomplished learning! Proficiency, autonomy, self-confidence and a deeper awareness about our community provide refined social skills for Super Star’s transition to their elementary years. Teachers conduct authentic assessments daily to target the individual child’s needs preparing them for kindergarten.

Degreed Teacher Prepare Your Child Beyond Kindergarten Readiness

Taught by degree teachers the pre-kindergarten curriculum focuses on preparing your child for elementary school. With the use of Frog Street, we have effectively integrated the 10 domains of learning outlined in the Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines. These classroom domains include: Social and Emotional Development, Language and Communication, Emergent Literacy Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Physical Development, Technology.

Daily Reading Promotes A Love For Literacy

Emergent Literacy is cultivated by giving the children the opportunity to have experiences with books, vocabulary, and alphabet knowledge. In addition, support of each child’s fine motor development is critical to helping build their writing skills.

A World Of Words Boosts Communication

Our classroom is labeled with written words as well as pictures to help children recognize letters, make up words and understand that words have meaning. Children are encouraged to put their thoughts on paper, whether it be through making a sign for the building they made in the construction center, making a menu to order from in dramatic play, or writing a thank you card to a friend or a note to a parent.

Interaction That Builds Lasting Friendships

Our Super Stars are supported in their efforts to build lasting friendship and understanding the dynamics of socially acceptable behaviors. Small group activities allow for more individualized interactions, supporting each child at their level. Each success your Pre-k student has will build self-esteem and encourage them to reach for the sky!

weekly Themes Keep Your child Engaged

Focused around weekly themes, your child will flourish both creatively and culturally through a variety of annual events, including exciting in-house field trips, splash pad days, extracurricular activities, holiday parties, celebrations, STEAM science night and monthly home economics projects.

Pre-Kindergarten Play Sparks Children's Imagination

The continuation of the performing arts at our annual pre-kindergarten play further expands our Super Stars public speaking, memorization and creative expression knowledge. Our little performers will surprise and delight you as they show off their expanding acting skills. Evidence shows that Theatre Arts activities support early childhood development in the following ways:

An Eco-Themed classroom Perfect For Growth

An eco-themed classroom creates an adventure for our Super Stars. Bright, beautiful rooms with patterned carpets, enchanting wall murals, natural lighting and ecofriendly amenities create an exemplary learning experience for your pre-k student. These spacious classrooms provide large learning centers full of educational toys and equipment for children to rotate through during our curriculum time. Child-height toilets, sinks, drinking fountains, windows, tables and chairs allow for children to continue along the road to independence.

Super Star Interactions

Our Super Star Interactions create confident learners and prepare your child beyond kindergarten readiness.

Not only does our Super Star program prepare your child for elementary school academically, but it also supports growth and development in social and emotional. Below are some of the many ways that our degreed teachers will meet your child’s individual needs:

Developmental Goals For

Our Super Stars


  • Shows understanding by responding appropriately
  • Is able to use language for different purposes
  • Engages in conversations in appropriate ways
  • Matches language to social context
  • Uses a wide variety of words to label and describe objects
  • Uses sentences with more than one phrase
  • Builds vocabulary including descriptive and action words
  • Uses verbal and non-verbal language to communicate for a variety of purposes


  • Recognizes uppercase and lowercase letters and the sounds they make
  • Identifies and writes first and last name in print
  • Seeks to understand print
  • Combines words to make compound words
  • Combines or deletes syllables from a word
  • Produces rhyming words
  • Gives words that start with the same sound as a given word
  • Retells or reenacts a story after it is read aloud
  • Uses information learned from books
  • Intentionally uses scribbles or writing to convey meaning
  • Independently writes letters on request

Social Skills

  • Describes self positively
  • Shows reasonable opinion of his/her own abilities
  • Show initiative in independent situations and persists in attempting to solve problems
  • Follows classroom rules and routines
  • Is aware of own feelings
  • Begins to understand the connection between feelings and behaviors
  • Remains focused on engaging group activities for an age-appropriate amount of time
  • Demonstrates empathy and caring for others
  • Begins to have meaningful friends
  • Understands that others have different perspectives and feelings

Social and Environmental Studies

  • Identifies and appreciates similarities and differences in basic social groups
  • Identifies members of extended family and their various roles
  • Recognizes traditions and languages of other cultures
  • Assumes various roles and responsibilities as part of a classroom community
  • Participates in voting
  • Recognizes the symbols of American heritage
  • Explores how personal actions affect the environment
  • Becomes aware of waste and personal usage
  • Uses creativity and imagination to think of new ways to use old objects

Math and Manipulative

  • Counts 1-10 items
  • Demonstrates that the order of the counting sequences is always the same
  • Recognizes one-digit numerals 0-9
  • Uses concrete models or makes a verbal word problem for addition and subtraction
  • Names and creates common shapes
  • Demonstrates use of location words
  • Sorts by more than one characteristic
  • Organizes information and graphs it
  • Recognizes and creates patterns
  • Compares height, weight or length or objects

Sensory, Science and Technology

  • Describes, observes and investigates properties and characteristics of common objects
  • Describes and sequences life cycles of organisms
  • Discusses the relationship of organisms to their environments
  • Identifies and discusses objects in the sky
  • Identifies the five senses
  • Describes how weather affects our lives
  • Uses technological resources to problem-solve, communicate and illustrate
  • Learns appropriate technological vocabulary

Large Motor Development

  • Demonstrates coordination and balance
  • Walk and runs with control
  • Jumps and climbs
  • Throws and catches a ball

Small Motor Development

  • Shows increasing control of tasks that require hand-eye coordination
  • Shows control of tasks that require small-muscle strength and control
  • Traces and cuts small shapes
  • Makes letters using correct form and pencil grip

Health and Safety

  • Understand the importance of personal hygiene
  • Understands that our bodies need nutrients to remain healthy
  • Recognizes safe and unsafe behaviors
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Hear What Parents Have to Say…

Beth C.
Beth C.
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"They gave us the most precious gift a working parent could ever ask for"

As a parent, there's nothing more reassuring than to see your child confidently walk to their classroom and almost forget to hug you goodbye because they're ready to play and learn.
Taylor S.
Taylor S.
Read More

"There is also an app that the teachers document diapers/potty, meals, naps and even pictures"

We LOVE Star Preschools! When we lived in San Antonio before moving to the Austin area, we took our daughter to a daycare there where unfortunately we learned that you get what you pay for.
Mandy G.
Mandy G.
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"they have an actual CURRICULUM; the teachers are INVESTED"

We started Star Preschools in the fall of 2019, and it is a complete turnaround. My daughter is excited about school, she never wants to leave at the end of the day, and she adores her teachers.
Kim M.
Kim M.
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"The school is so organized with their lesson plans and theme days"

The teachers are top notch! The facility is bright and fun. I love that they get to spend time in the library, theatre room, art room and cafeteria instead of staying in one classroom the whole day.
 Brooke R.
Brooke R.
Read More

"I love the reports and pictures I receive from the teachers throughout the week"

We appreciate how clean the school is kept, and for us, that is a huge plus. It is so difficult to keep germs under control with kids, so we are happy the school makes an extra effort to keep the facility clean.
Kirstin M.
Kirstin M.
Read More

"They accommodate for what we need and want for our child Two weeks in at Star Preschools and my 3 year old was caught up on counting"

The teachers, administrative staff, chef, and everyone that works there feels like family.
Hailey W.
Hailey W.
Read More

"Star Preschools has already helped so much with her socialization skills"

The way they are able to tend to every baby’s need and keep track of who needs to be fed, changed, needs a nap, wants to be held or rocked, who has a food allergy, etc. is simply amazing!
Ember R.
Ember R.
Read More

"They are organized and put together and you can tell"

They are organized and put together and you can tell everyone is very well trained and that is something that is reassuring when you decide to leave your brand new baby for the first time.
Alecia D.
Alecia D.
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"I absolutely believe we made the right decision with Star Preschools."

The Infant teachers have been so wonderful to our family. I absolutely believe we made the right decision with Star Preschools.
Matthew L.
Matthew L.
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"Very cooperative and friendly staff"

I love their toddler team. Very cooperative and friendly staff! My kiddo is doing great there and it seems like he is learning so much each day.
Michelle R.
Michelle R.
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"We’ve had experience with other places and Star Preschools has been our favorite"

Our son loves his teachers and is always smiling when I pick him up at the end of the day. Teachers from other classes know his name and it makes it feel more like a family.
Fernando E.
Fernando E.
Read More

"Star Preschools staffs and principals worked hard to welcome him"

You can get a daily report through their app, with photos and all details about your kid at school. Definitively, I do recommend Star Preschools to all families that care about your kid security, health, development, and care.
Kelsey A.
Kelsey A.
Read More

"she has learned more than I can imagine a 2 year old would know!"

Star Preschools has completely erased any doubts I've had and provided such a loving, educational, and nurturing environment for my baby girl! I am truly grateful for the caring, energetic, and kind staff that works here and would recommend them to anyone looking to get their child into a schooling program.
Marissa G.
Marissa G.
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"The teachers are amazing & the place is clean."

The teachers are amazing & the place is clean. Can't ask for much more than that! Oh & my 2 year old already knows his alphabet, numbers, colors & shapes! That's all thanks to Star Preschools.
Orquidea B.
Orquidea B.
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"my children have had a wonderful, loving experience"

Thanks to the wonderful staff, from the principal to cooks to teachers, my children have had a wonderful, loving experience.
The curadossi Family
The curadossi Family
Read More

"Thank you for all you do for Starboard Academy to providing a great learning environment for our children, with the right people."

We hope Starboard has an awesome teacher appreciation week - You are all so very appreciated, especially in a time like this with a pendamic.
The Mekay's
The Mekay's
Read More

"We are so happy that Starboard Academy opened up in Plymouth!"

We couldn't imagine another facility being so considerate and conscientious about mackenzie's food allergies. You have gone above and beyond to make sure mackenzie has healthy meals, snacks, and treats that she can enjoy safely.
We can't say enough good thing and this card isn't big enough. We love the communication, photos and updates from the Kangarootime App. Both of my kids have grown so much and excited more than we could have imagined. Mackenzie comes home singing a new song each week, and can even identify some letters and numbers and she's not even yet! Jamison can identify all of his letters and numbers in reading and writing and knows his letter sounds. He is really going to miss your school, especially the infamous PIRATE SHIP PLAYGROUND. Thank you for all you have done!
What Our Parents Are Saying...
" I realized just how happy, confident, and positive our little girl was"
Today as we attended our daughter’s Pre-K Graduation Ceremony, I realized just how happy, confident, and positive our little girl was knowing that she is so ready (in her terms) to move onto Kindergarten! During her time at Bright Star Academy, her little hands and mind have learnt so much. It truly surprises me every minute, just how wonderful her thinking process is growing each day! I would like to thank each and every member of Bright Star for helping our little girl’s wonderful development. You are an excellent team and we are looking forward to Summer Camp!
Sravanti C.
"Bright Star has truly become our family "
I can't say enough wonderful things about Bright Star. My oldest son started there at 18 months and is now 6 yrs old and we still have him attend their after-school program. We also have our younger son there (started at 12 months - now 4 yrs old). Both our boys love Bright Star! They always ask when they can go back and it's like I have to drag them out of there at the end of the day when I pick them up! The school is set up perfectly for child development and the teachers and staff take so much care to ensure you and your children have the best experience. I was so please that my older son was prepared to start kinder, already knowing how to read and write - and most importantly the social skills they learn. Bright Star has truly become our family and always will be part of our family! We have made life-long friends, memories, and life-skills!
Christine P.
"They are so thorough with each child"
When we left our old school, we were not sure we would ever find the same loving staff and teachers we had for our older son. Bright Star has become so much more than we ever expected though! They are so thorough with each child, and the teachers make such a point to make each child feel special. My son went from having behavior problems in his class in preschool, to having GREAT days and being so excited to go to school everyday! We can thank Ms. Sarah in Pre-k for her help a dedication to his education and giving him the challenges he needed!!
Emilee C.

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