2 - 3 years

Our Shooting Star Room Is All About ME!

Encouraging independence helps our terrific twos gain autonomy and experience confidence in themselves.

Early Preschool

2-3 years

Our Shooting Star room is all about ME!

Encouraging independence helps our terrific twos gain autonomy and experience confidence in themselves.

Boundless Opportunities For Autonomy

Our Shooting Stars have an amazing amount of boundless energy and an innate sense of curiosity of the world around them. Children know who they are and feel confident in making their own choices. Your Shooting Star will be working towards several self-help skills. Introducing potty training, encouraging parallel play, promoting self-feeding with spoons and open cups are only a small part of the autonomy that your little one will accomplish.

Positive, Encouraging, Energetic Teachers

Our energetic teachers are eager to foster and support this need for independence while providing numerous opportunities for the children to make safe choices in a stimulating environment. In addition, our positive reinforcement, hugs, praise, and kind words help make this journey to independence both encouraging and successful.

Working Closely With You

We know how important communication is during this advancement in learning and self-care habits. Working very closely with the family and child is key to making sure there is consistency between home and school. Keeping you up to date daily about your child’s feelings, what they ate, when they slept, diapering, potty training and curriculum activities provides steady assurance for your early preschoolers’ care.

Empowering Children With Words

Our Shooting Star curriculum supports empowering children with words and developing self-help skills. Teaching vocabulary that lets them express themselves, resolve conflict and get along with others is fundamental in achieving independence. Their rapidly emerging abilities require constant curriculum challenges in order to keep them engaged and busy.

Low Ratios Ensures Plenty Of One On One Time

Maintaining low ratios ensures plenty of one on one time. Weekly, themed lesson plans with teacher directed, hands-on activities based on language, social-emotional, cognitive and physical development skills reinforce our academic standards and provide a sound foundation for elementary readiness.

Freedom Of Choice

Part of helping our early preschoolers become more independent is providing them with the freedom of choice. Our students are encouraged to express their creativity through free-choice play in the dramatic play area, block center and art station. Our teachers are aware of this fundamental need and strive to create academic learning centers from which children can choose and participate in daily.

Expanding Their World Through Enrichments and Continued Spanish

Giving the children opportunity to experience as much in a day as possible is our primary goal. Starting in the early preschool room, the children have scheduled weekly times for enriched academic learning opportunities in art, science, home economics, literacy, media and dramatic play. The continuation of our daily Spanish program expands to build your child’s vocabulary enhances early understanding of diversity and cultural awareness.

Environment That Supports Independence And Discovery

Custom designed for your early preschooler, our eco themed classrooms offer an early learning adventure with a multitude of independent opportunities for our Shooting Stars. Two spacious, bright, beautiful classrooms with natural lighting and ecofriendly amenities help create a pallet of early learning potential. Teachers encourage discovery and independence through large rotational learning centers full of educational toys and equipment.  Child-height toilets, sinks, windows, tables and chairs with half walls for diapering and potting help support successful independence and allow safe monitoring children.

Shooting Star Interactions

Our Shooting Star Interactions creates opportunities for more structure while helping build emotional vocabulary. This combination allows your little learner the tools to express themselves, resolve conflict and play well with others.

Building a trusting relationship with others is an essential part of our Shooting Star program. Our teachers are aware of this need and strive to create an environment that not only encourages academic development but also fosters your child’s social and emotional development as well. Below is a sampling of the many ways this is accomplished:

Developmental Goals and Milestones For

Our Shooting Stars

Our Shooting Star curriculum goals help our early preschool children develop the skills necessary to become independent learners. Busy as the two’s may be, our teachers can keep up and cherish the opportunity to be a part of your early preschoolers’ bright independence.


  • Uses words to tell what an object does
  • Answers simple questions
  • Asks for things by name
  • Uses language for complex purposes
  • Follows simple directions
  • Builds vocabulary by participating in conversations


  • Listens to a short story
  • Participates in songs, stories, and finger plays
  • Understands that symbols and photos can be read
  • Can provide first name
  • Fills in missing pieces of familiar rhymes
  • Connects stories and events to own life
  • Begins to explore the letters of the alphabet

Social Skills

  • Expresses a wide range of emotions
  • Takes turns and helps others
  • Participates in group activities
  • Demonstrates empathy
  • Attempts to interact with others
  • Begins to control emotions

Social and Environmental Studies

  • Demonstrates an awareness of being part of a family and a class
  • Identifies members of immediate family and discussing the importance of family
  • Begins to recognize that there are other cultures with different traditions and languages
  • Identifies community members that keep people safe
  • Describes rooms in the home and demonstrates a familiarity with the classroom
  • Develops a basic understanding of nature
  • Begins to develop an understanding of how trash is created
  • Becomes aware of waste and personal usage
  • Uses creativity and imagination to think of new ways to use old objects

Math and Manipulative

  • Matches shapes and colors
  • Assembles 4-8 piece puzzles
  • Demonstrates one-to-one correspondence
  • Uses math in daily routines
  • Repeats numbers correctly
  • Begins to count
  • Extends simple patterns
  • Develops vocabulary to describe

Sensory, Science and Technology

  • Participates in science observations
  • Explores objects using five senses
  • Develops an understanding that animals and plants are living things
  • Discusses objects in the sky
  • Tracks daily weather

Art, Music and Dramatic Play

  • Identifying loud and soft sounds and fast and slow tempos
  • Moving to music
  • Holding crayon to make scribbles on paper
  • Making prints using a variety of material
  • Expressing a preference for music and art
  • Participating in dramatic play experiences that begins to mimic real world experiences

Large Motor Development

  • Walks forward and backwards
  • Stands on one foot
  • Jumps in place
  • Copies simple body movements

Small Motor Development

  • Unwraps packages with help
  • Stacks five or more blocks
  • Begins to use scissors
  • Laces large beads
  • Folds paper
  • Dumps and pours

Health and Safety

  • Demonstrates understanding of safe and healthy habits
What Our Parents Are Saying...
"she has learned more than I can imagine a 2 year old would know! "
My 2 year old daughter has attended Bright Star Academy in Cedar Park for a year and a half now and we have had nothing but an amazing experience! Before moving to the Cedar Park area, we lived in Houston where my daughter was at an at-home daycare. I was nervous about her starting a new program in a school, but Bright Star has completely erased any doubts I've had and provided such a loving, educational, and nurturing environment for my baby girl! I am truly grateful for the caring, energetic, and kind staff that works here and would recommend them to anyone looking to get their child into a schooling program. On top of the amazing and fun experience my daughter has had so far, she has learned more than I can imagine a 2 year old would know! I love getting to see her face light up as she tells me what she's done each day and I am forever grateful for Bright Star for loving my baby girl as one of their own!
Kelsey A.
"The teachers are amazing & the place is clean."
We've been going here for a year & love it! It's a bit more expensive than the others but totally worth it. The fact that I have to coax my 2 year old off the playground when it's time to go home is a good thing. The teachers are amazing & the place is clean. Can't ask for much more than that! Oh & my 2 year old already knows his alphabet, numbers, colors & shapes! That's all thanks to Bright Star. I highly recommend it.
Marissa G.
"my children have had a wonderful, loving experience"
It was a very hard decision to go from staying at home with my kids to returning to the workforce. My biggest concern was how my kids (2 years and 5 months) would handle the transition. Thanks to the wonderful staff, from the principal to cooks to teachers, my children have had a wonderful, loving experience. The level of attention to positive, personal interactions and the quality of curriculum are unprecedented. My kids know they are loved. I've seen their emotional and physical skills grow- I know they are getting lots of attention and support. My 2 year old cracks me up with all his new things he's learned and observations from school. My now 8 month old feels safe with all her teachers and loves to snuggle and play with them. I am able to go to work each day knowing my children are in amazing hands. It's such a relief. Bright Star is a blessing in our lives.
Orquidea B.

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